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When you buy Handymagnet, you are getting one of the simplest ways of hanging and holding things fast.

Whether you are at home, in the garden, at work in an office, onsite or on holiday you are going to be able to use your Handymagnet everyday.

The reason we make three different Handymagnets is because the plastic coatings have different properties that makes them more suited to different environments. For example, the black Garden Handymagnet resists ultra-violet light and mildew - making it ideal for use outside. Tool Handymagnet resists slipping when holding your tools and parts and Office Handymagnet is designed to look smart and blend into the background while holding up notices or securing cords and cables.

Here are some suggestions for making the most of your Handymagnets

A fridge magnet that holds heavy objects!

One of the best fridge / filing cabinet / shelf magnets money can buy! Forget those fridge magnets that slide away once you try to hold more than two pieces of paper. Handymagnet will hold an amazing number of sheets with ease. Cut the strip into single magnets or attach the whole thing to the fridge to hold up everything from the kid's awards to the footy comp results or your favourite recipe.

The same principle applies to shelves and filing cabinets at work or to the garden shed. Use these power magnets to keep track of Data Sheets, rosters, job specifications, instruction booklets, notes to co-workers, photos, pens, keys, paintings, memos, novelties, shopping lists, tickets for the next event, takeout menus, spare batteries, bottle opener, mobile phones or anything else you can think of.

Safety first - at home and work.

Easily secure electrical cords with Handymagnet

With more electrical products at home and work power cords can be a nuisance. In fact they can become an Occupational Health and Safety hazard.

Eliminate the problem by securing the cords with a Handymagnet. A strip of just two or three magnets will hold the cords together and allow you to secure them. If there isn't anything metal to attach the magnets to, remember you can loop Handymagnet around something like the leg of a desk and it will hold onto itself.

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Make those expensive brushes last longer

Next time you are painting hang the brushes on your Handymagnet. They will drip dry straight saving you money by making them last longer and better.

Cut the ladder climbing

Attach your Handymagnet to the top of the ladder next time you are using one. it will hold the hammer, screwdriver, nuts, bolts - whatever it is you are using. This way you won't spend so much time going up and down to look for things, or rummaging through your pockets.

Most accidents on ladders happen when people are climbing up or down. So you won't only be saving your legs and time, you'll be working more safely.

Lock up the fridge!

Simple magnetic Fridge-door lock

Use it to keep the fridge door closed when toddlers, children or babies want to get into the fridge for the sweets. A good temporary lock that is simple to apply and remove. Position the Handymagnet so two-thirds of it is along the side of the fridge with the other third around the front - providing the most sliding resistance.

Stop tools and parts falling into motors or into the grass while you work

Ever wondered where you put that spanner, nut, bolt etc? Or wished you didn't have to get out from here just to look for the @#$! thing, or worse lose a part into a motor or machine.

Not any more. With Handymagnet these things will stay just where you put them and sill be close at hand. Put all the bits and pieces where you can see them. Where you can reach them. Also serves as a good reminder that the nut left of the Handymagnet has not been replaced.

Tidy up the garage and the garden shed

Forget old-fashioned shadow boards. Use handymagnet as a tool rack for steel tools. You can hang it right on the wall of the garden shed or nail it to the wooden wall of the garage.

Each rare earth magnet can hold up to a kilogram and they just don't give up. Once you hang it, it is there to stay - until you need it.

Place wrenches, screwdrivers, files, hammers etc. on Handymagnet. It's neat and provides easy access for you while keeping them out of reach of children.

Use the same principle to keep your tools handy when you are working on a car, truck or other machinery. You can attach the strip right to the vehicle (it's a good idea to place a rag underneath to protect the paintwork from the tools).

Handymagnet lets you take the tools with you

Attach Handymagnet to your trolley to take tools with you. In the garden you can loop it around a wooden wheelbarrow handle, or almost anything else to turn it into a portable toolbox.

You can attach it to the outside of your regular toolbox to made grabbing the right spanner easy when you are working.

Camping is a breeze

Hang, Hold or Store Anything around your Tent, Boat, Caravan, Campervan or Trailer with Handymagnet.

Use Handymagnet to attach things to tent poles by wrapping it around them. Secure a mozzie net to the outside of the car while you sleep. Hang a towel on the car to dry. Tie things to the bull bar, to the roof-racks, to the back of the ute, around a tree, around a pole - or anywhere at all.

Remember, Handymagnet can be wrapped around anything that is non-magnetic, so you aren't restricted in using it to hang and hold things.

Hang your shovel so it's easy to grab for those "nature walks". Hold things securely in your caravan and campervan.

Cut the cooking clutter

A Handymagnet on the BBQ will keep the tools you need right where you can find them.

In the kitchen people are using them to hold their knives and other utensils, making them easy to reach.

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Hanging things from windows

Handymagnet is strong enough to work through panes of glass. This means you can put some magnets outside and some inside then hang things from them.

If you stick a single Handymagnet to a pot you can make it look like it is suspended from the glass. In the bathroom you can stick the curtain to your metal bath to stop it grabbing on to you while you shower.

Christmas lights made simple

Cut short strips of Handymagnet to attach the lights quickly and easily. You'll hang them in record time and take them down without the hassle of little ties.

Handy paintbrush holder

How to use handymagnet (Flash animation not available on this browser)

Need that extra hand when you are enjoying a painting job around the house?

You know! When you're up the ladder and the telephone rings, or you need to use both hands and can't put the brush down without making a mess.

Handymagnet is a real handy magnet for this job. Well, most paint brushes are constructed using steel parts. Paint usually comes in steel cans. Magnets stick to steel. If when you start the painting job you place a small section of Handy-magnet on the rim of the paint can you turn the tin into a drip-tray for the paint brush.

Whenever that emergency arises you can simply rest the paint brush on the Handy magnet and it will act as a paint-brush hook on the paint can.

Handy Magnet - that extra hand making every painting job easier.

For the handyman

Working under the car or truck keep tools and parts in sight and close at hand with a handymagnet

While working under the car. Where did I put that spanner, nut, bolt etc? Wish I didn't have to get out from here just to look for the @#$! thing...

Not any more. With handymagnet you have that Handy Magnet that can be placed close at hand. Put all the bits and pieces where you can see them. Where you can reach them. Also serves as a good reminder that the nut has not been replaced. Now where does it go again?

Well, it can't solve every problem but a handy magnet is always a good thing!

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Handymagnet makes magnetic water for people and for plants

Handymagnet makes magnetic water in the bottle

Heard about the benefits of magnetically conditioned water? Many people are drinking magnetic water and believe there are benefits to their wellbeing and health.

Handymagnet lets you magnetise your own water on the cupboard, in the fridge or on the run. Just wrap the strip around the bottle and within an hour the magnetic energy will begin to influence the water. Works just as well in the fridge as it does on the counter.

Magnetised water is 'wetter' and soaks into the ground easily. To try it for yourself, just wrap one or two strips around your hose next time you are in the garden.

Magnetising your whole water supply is a little more time consuming - here's how.

  1. Attracting magnets. This provides higher concentrated magnetic fields in the fluid. Position one set of magnets on the side of the pipe or hose. Secure the magnets in position using Adhesive tape. Position a second equal set of magnets on the opposite side of the pipe aligning the magnets. Make sure the second set of magnets have a tendency to be attracted to the first set through the pipe. If they repel, turn the second set of magnets over to the opposite side. Position the second set on the pipe and hold in place with magnets aligned while securing them in position with adhesive tape.
  2. Handymagnet makes magnetic water straight from the tap A coil of magnets. Cut an appropriate length of Handy magnet. Position the magnet at about 45 degrees to the axis of the pipe. Stick one end of the Handy-magnet to the pipe and continue taping the Handymagnet around the pipe until you get to the last magnet. Secure this end to the pipe using Adhesive tape.

We know that the total effect is related to the magnetic field strength and the volume of fluid contacted so if you need to increase the effect use more magnets.

and there's more!

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