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Magnetic tool rack for steel tools

Handymagnet keeps tools neat and out-of-the-way while still in easy reach

Place wrenches, screwdrivers, files, hammers etc. on Handy magnet. It's neat and provides easy access for you while keeping them out of reach of children.

Make it handy on your bucket for easy access and mobility for drill bits Allen keys and screws

Make it handy on your bucket for easy access and mobility for drill bits, Allen keys and screws.

A convenient workshop at hand for your jobs on the run.

Our Handy Magnets can be used as a pegboard or a hook accessory on any steel frame or wall. Their use is endless, either in home storage organisation or garage/shed storage organisation. Other ideas include shelving, kitchen storage, hardware storage, keeping the fridge locked from little fingers, is fantastic for small spaces and best of all very easily removed and moved around.

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Super-strong fridge magnets

Strong single fridge magnet cut from Handymagnet strip

Handymagnet can be cut into various lengths as needed. So by cutting one single magnet out of the roll you end up with a super-strong fridge magnet.

For fun promotions:

Look the part with Handy Magnet Just for fun

Look the part with Handy Magnet. Just for fun! You can also promote your company, school or social group with Handymagnet. Put your name or promotion onto handy-magnet to keep your name in view and on mind.

It will be everywhere. Everything including minds will stick to it!

Handymagnet can be used for wording in advertising or just for fun

In the home or office

Keep all your cooking utensils easily at hand with handymagnet

Keep cooking utensils at hand in the kitchen.

Photos, pens, keys, paintings, memos, novelties, shopping lists, tickets for next event, takeout menus, spare batteries, bottle opener, mobile phones or anything else that comes to mind can be stuck on your fridge.

Handymagnet is a mess-free tin lid lifter

Or use it as a mess-free tin lid lifter.

Keys and lighters won’t go amiss when in eye-view on your handymagnet, it can even hold your hanger.

All your sewing needs readily at hand

Handymagnet holds paperclips, scissors, needles, pins, notices, staples and thimbles for easy access.

A handy face cloth holder for your shower

Even a handy face-cloth holder in the shower!

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Educational and Entertaining for children:

Kids love to experiment with magnets - handymagnet is fun and safe

Children (and teachers!) will have hours of enjoyment while learning the workings of magnets in a safe way, attaching them together, sticking other metals to it, sticking it to fridges or any metal surfaces, making bracelets, anklets or headbands. What a great teaching resource!

Use it while travelling:

Handymagnet holds mosquito nets to cars without scratching marks or hassles with rope or tapes

Hold fly screens, protective mats or mosquito nets on cars or tents to achieve ventilation without the bugs.

Hang towels from cars to dry or to create shade

Hang towels etc from cars to dry or to create shade.

In the factory

Neat and tidy, out-of-the-way tools.

On hand tools and fasteners can be easily placed on large machinery.

While working under a truck, keep your tools handy!

Turn your forklift into a mobile workshop.

Turn your forklift into a mobile workshop - you'll always know your tools are in reachable places

Always know your tools are in convenient, reachable places.

Do your tools keep falling? Handymagnet ensures they stay at hand on difficult narrow surfaces.

Turn your forklift into a mobile workshop - you'll always know your tools are in reachable places

Small screws won’t go astray when attached to Handymagnet.

Handymagnet holds Allen keys wrenches screws and bolts at any angle - always in view your tools are always at hand

Whatever the shape or size, Handymagnet holds it.

Handy-magnet holds Allen keys, wrenches, screws and bolts at any angle.

Always in view, always at hand with Handy magnet.

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Handymagnet as Peg board is a fantastic product for storage purposes

Handymagnet as Pegboard or perforated board

Make any metal wall, support or surface a useful tool pegboard or perfboard or perforated board. No need for hooks that fall off and only fit one type of tool. Handymagnet fits all without special adaptive hangers. The all in one, mobile, take me anywhere Metal and Magnetic Pegboard, perforated Board or perfboard.

Handymagnet as Pegboard is a fantastic product for storage purposes. Handymagnet as pegboards panels can be made to suit any length or height. They will adjust to fit any metal wall, structure or workbench. The Handymagnet pegboard matches any tool exactly which overcomes the limitation of traditional pegboard holes or vertical slits. No need for these holes or slits designed to accept special pegboard hooks and accessories as Handymagnet fits all. Handymagnet never falls of the wall like many pegboard hooks and accessories. Handymagnet can even be attached to existing metal pegboards making them much more versatile.

Keeping all kinds of tools neat tidy and out-of-the-way handymagnet can be nailed tacked or stapled to wooden surfaces

Once you purchase all of the components for some of the total-solution storage products the grand total including sales tax can take your breath away. Fortunately, you have stumbled across an affordable unique storage system that takes the traditional pegboard approach and enhances it in any number of ways. This great product is Handymagnet which customises the metal pegboard to suit your job, available space and tool shape. No need for special shaped holes or hooks. It is not uncommon for the hook to pop off the pegboard as you pulled the tool towards you. This can't happen with Handymagnet. Certain hooks are equipped with retention devices, but over time these would fail as stress would enlarge the holes in the flimsy sawdust and glue pegboard. Once the hole in the pegboard enlarged just the slightest bit, the hook would once again pop out of the hole. The new Handymagnet metal pegboard is astonishing. It is a modular system whose primary component is a 40 mm wide and 760 mm long strip that adheres to metal panels. You can place as many or as few of these panels on a wall as you have space. No need for traditional pegboard or perfboard hardware to clutter your space.

Make a magnetic storage system on any flat surface

No need for special hooks as Handymagnet is designed to lock onto any steel tool with 1 kg of force with good contact. Removing the tool is a simple process. Handymagnet turns any work area, cupboard, car, truck, shazzy, steel structure or item of equipment into a handy mobile pegboard which not only holds your tools it also holds items such as nuts and bolts, washers, blades and nails. It keeps the lot close at hand.

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Hanging high Christmas lights easily and safely

Handymagnet Christmas lights (Flash animation not available on this browser)

Handymagnet is a convenient way to get those Christmas lights to a high roof or gutter without the need for ladders. A metal broom handle becomes the easy tool to position the lights - just fix a Handymagnet to the lights - use as many magnets as you need to safely hold the wieght. Attach the lights with the Handymagnet to the metal broom handle and raise and position the lights on the gutter. Use a twisting sliding action to dislodge the broom handle from the lights leaving the lights attached to the gutter. Repeat this process as often as necessary to complete the installation.

A Handy Twist

Handymagnet Twist (Flash animation not available on this browser)

Handymagnet always sticks to itself front to back or back to front. Front to Front or Back to Back faces will repel each other as they have the same magnet polarity. So if you need to stick two consecutive Handymagnet magnets together you will need to twist the tape between them making sure they end up with a front facing a back so they will attract each other.

The pink and beige colour Handymagnet strip is used to give a clearer picture of the twist. You can loop longer sections of Handymagnet back onto itself for extra strength.

Handy Pole Ties - for Steel, Aluminium or Wood!

Handymagnet Twist (Flash animation not available on this browser)

Of course magnets are attracted to steel, so simply wrap Handymagnet around a steel pole or post for a very strong instant fixing.

But Handymagnet can also be used on non magnetic materials like aluminium and wood - just loop it around and it will cling back onto itself forming a strong latch. The trick is in the way it is looped. The main tie is underneath with the ends forming a cross around it.

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and there's more!

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